2017-2018 Competition

Congratulations to Miss Ayrshire 2017-18 Harriet


Our Miss Ayrshire Final was part of our Pageant Super Saturday which saw the crowning of Miss Glasgow, Miss West End and Miss Ayrshire. It was held at the David Lloyd, Glasgow West End Club on Saturday 25th November 2017.

The Final featured 4 rounds

Round 1 Casual wear

Sponsored by MCS Yamaha








Description: a casual outfit you might wear for going out for a coffee with friends, shopping or midweek trip to the cinema etc


Round 2 Swimwear

Sponsor to be confirmed

Description: Anything you might wear to go swimming, bikini, swimsuit, shorts and tankini accessorised with hats, sunglasses, sarongs etc


Round 3 Charity Shop

In Association with Kidney research UK











Description: Wear an outfit you have bought from a charity shop. This is one of the favourite topics for Round 3. Be creative and come up with a  fantastic outfit!


Round 4 Evening wear

Sponsored by The Scottish Food Awards & Academy










Description: an outfit you would wear to a charity dinner, from long “Disney princess” dress to sophisticated cocktail dresses.


Each judge marks each contestant out of 10 for each round and the contestant with the most points after all four rounds is the new Miss Ayrshire.